We were approached by Jon to offer our consultation on his new project. We began by advising on coffee equipment and shop layout based on his wish for the best customer experience and to provide efficiency as the business grows. We helped with his soft launch providing support and ensuring the high standard he was looking for. While working with Canopy we offered ongoing assistance with menu options, pricing strategies and staffing, over-seeing trial shifts. 

We left feeling assured that the hard work ourselves, Jon and his team had put in set Canopy Coffee up to hold a firm place on Guildford's coffee map. 

“As a new concept Speciality Coffee House we at Canopy were keen to work with some experienced and talented coffee professionals to give us some firm foundations in creating a high standard in our service. The guys at Paradox did exactly that. They set our bar extremely high, however they added value in other ways too. Showing creativity and intuition around our business and its potential for growth, developing ideas that continue to reap rewards to this day. An excellent team.”
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